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What if…

January 10, 2012

What if…
What if rather than wishing you knew your Bible well, you had the opportunity to study a complete overview of Christian theology in one year’s time by simply committing one hour a week?
Would you take it?
That is the opportunity we are presenting adults starting this Sunday, Jan. 15 during the 10:00 am Sunday School time. The class is called,

 “Foundations of the Christian Faith”
A one year overview of theology

This class will be divided into four sections and we will study one section per quarter. The sections are:

1.  A Sovereign God: knowing God, His Word, His attributes and His Creation
2. God the Redeemer: a look at sin, Jesus and the cross
3. Awakening to God: A look at the Spirit and Salvation
4. God and History: A look at the church and the end times
Rev. Fender will be teaching the class and will rely heavily upon James Montgomery Boice’s book, “Foundations of the Christian Faith”. You do not have to buy the book to benefit from the study, but you are more than welcome to purchase it.
This class will be beneficial for all of us, especially if you have never studied the Bible in a systematic way.  The study starts Sunday, Jan. 15th in the sanctuary.  Hope to see you there!

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